GP Batteries Polska has been very active since the very beginning of its existence, providing its clients with the latest technological solutions, which has resulted in becoming the leader among the largest companies in their field. They constantly innovate and invent attractive energy solutions that are both ecological and economical, which allows to enrich everyday consumer experience and improve the overall standard of living. The company does not only care about its activities, but also if not more,  care about the natural environment. GP Batteries Polska decided to entrust us with developing a strategy and as well as communication with consumers using social media.


GP Batteries Polska – a producer of innovative products such as specialized batteries, chargers, and power banks combines quality with environmental protection which made us proposed a long-term CSR campaign as a direction. Our agency came up with the idea of promoting GP Batteries products through cooperation with Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service.

Mountain Volunteer Ambulance Service is a nationwide organization that helps tourists in the mountains. The designed and implemented campaign emphasized the importance and quality of GP Batteries products for daily operations and rescue missions of Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service. The grey tree agency was responsible for planning and coordinating the ongoing cooperation between the client and Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service.


In order to build the largest range, the agency created a unique slogan: ‘GP lights the road for Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service‘ that was placed on materials promoting cooperation along with photos from the photo shoot that took place in the mountains. What’s more, we have established cooperation with all Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service groups providing them with  GP Batteries. Our photo shoot was carried out with the help of the rescuers themselves who got involved in the campaign promoting cooperation with GP Batteries.


The effects of the campaign exceeded the expectations of all of us. The ‘GP lights the road for Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service‘ designed by The grey tree agency covered all groups of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service. Joined activities promoting the action whether in social media or in the tourism press have resulted in a significant increase in the recognition of GP products among conscious consumers. In addition, our client received extremely valuable data regarding the use of their products in the most difficult conditions that lifeguards exeperience in their work. The results achieved within the campaign led to continuation of the campaign by our Agency for the next years.




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