Our client, Heel Polska company is a distributor of Dermaveel cream, a product used in the treatment of AD (atopic dermatitis) in children. Care of a child with AD is a nuisance and associated not only with the necessity of applying the medication, often in many areas of the skin, but also with the necessity of being extremely systematic and accurate in the conducted therapy. In addition, the very act of applying the cream is quite onerous. The child must be prepared a few times a day for the treatment – in order to get a child’s desire to cooperate with such a treatment, the drug in the form of ointment should be applied in a way to make the family ritual, and put it permanently in the schedule of daily activities.


The main purpose of the Dermaveel application was to build a tool that will accompany parents and their children during daily care activities related to the disease. We have tried to make the application help parents create a permanent ‘ritual’, time spent together that the child will always remember about and that the child will be happy about. We also wanted to provide so much added value for the child that he would like to do his daily nursing activities. The application has become a tool for children, because they were supposed to use it. At the same time, it has become a great value for parents, because thanks to the application their children willingly, politely, and calmly participated in the daily use of cream.


One of the most important problems in the treatment of AD is stopping the treatment by the parent / caregiver when they see a superficial improvement in the child’s skin. However, the external improvement of the appearance does not mean the health status, the disease develops within the skin, hence sticking to the doctor’s recommendations are very important.

The treatment of AD in children can last up to 60 days, which means that the parent will not be able to remember the course of the therapy. The element to support the parent is the function that allows using emoticons, short text notes and photos to determine the changes in the course of the therapy. During the doctor’s visit, the parent has the opportunity to reproduce on the mobile device the entire history of changes noted by him.

One of the problems identified in the treatment of children with AD is motivating them to participate in the therapy. For this purpose, the application will be equipped with a bonus or a reward for a child for helping parents in treatment. The Dermaveel app has been equipped with Derek’s hero brand along with another part of the story describing the adventures of the brand Hero while traveling around the world.


As a result of the ordered works The grey tree agnecy designed and implemented a specialised application, a landing page, which was placed in a medical discussion and advice portal available only to doctors and also implemented full informative communication on and off-line.




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