Visual identification is the key. Unfortunately, the basis that is widely neglected. This is an element that can distinguish you from the competition. Corporate identity will make you perceived as a professional.


Cohesion is the key word. The best products and services have a face, they seem familiar, close, almost like people. We know how to create such brands.


How people see you is they way people perceive you (and very often how they buy!).
In addition to rational arguments, our decisions are largely shaped by emotions. We know how to affect them for your benefit.


Comprehensive campaign service online
A lot of emphasis on non-standard activities – social media, CSR, competitions, partner actions (Volunteer Mouintain or Water Rescue Services, Volunteer Firefighters brigades).

The company’s strategy facilitates many management processes. It helps in making key decisions and resolving certain disputes inside and outside the company. It also saves time as well as indicates the way to measure the effectiveness of actions taken. However, not every strategy can do it.

In business everyone has a company strategy, but not everyone is aware of it. The basic elements of the strategy are the goal and actions leading to its achievement. Sometimes this goal is not very specific or difficult to measure, and the way to achieve the goal is included in the pharses ‘we’ll see’ or ‘at all costs’. Often, directors and managers use, not always consciously, their own and different marketing strategies, which leads to conflicts and waste of resources. Working with our clients, we transform such ineffective concepts into detailed and conscious plans.


Pharma marketing is our specialty. E-marketing, OTC advertising, advertising in specialist services, Rx drug communication, image, WOMM, SEO and SEM.

Pharma marketing – our genesis, Pharma marketing, is considered to be the most difficult of all the industries. It requires specialist knowledge and a specific approach. This is due, inter alia, to the legal restrictions imposed on the pharmaceutical industry and from difficult, narrow and specific target groups. This was the field where we built our today’s position.


For the youngest generation, social media is the first channel of communication with the world. According to the international report ‘We are social’, 13 million of Poles with active accounts in social media spend an average of 2 hours online. For some people, social media even replace television, radio, and the press.
Communication is a kind of art of seducing customers. A good salesperson knows that the client must be allowed to talk, wonder, ask questions, and even criticise. It makes engagement grow. Then, the customer has the feeling that he is important and appreciated.
By entrusting us with running a fanpage, you will gain trust and build relationships that can not be achieved using traditional marketing methods.


Responsive websites ensure that you make a good impression, no matter what device the recipient uses. The first impression the client gets is often made by your webiste. Do not let it fail him.
Is it at least as good as your products and services? We can take care of making it happen.

Contrary to appearances, work on making existance in the world of applications, you have to start with a piece of paper, not the computer keyboard. Designing mobile applications starts with asking questions in order to idenitfy the needs that the application can satisfy. A marketing startegy, which indicates main areas we should have interest in, is very useful document in this process. Discussing and writing down the knowledge about the target group directs further stages of the search.
Smartphone applications are specific products. We will take care of the synergy thanks to which the promotion of the mobile application will affect the positive image of the entire brand.


The e-commerce market is growing rapidly and the importance of advertising photography is growing with it. Wherever the customer does not contact the product directly, the image replaces this contact. This is also of particular importance in the promotion of services. Don’t you know how to visualize a product or service?
Our expertise, your success.

We have a fully equipped back office that allows us to offer a full range of advertising photography. We serve not only a technical expertise but also a creative one. High quality equipment allows us to reproduce colors and details in a realistic way, and thanks to the artistic sense, we bring out the beauty hidden in everyday objects.




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