International Scientific Information Inc. is a world-wild known publishing house of scientific journals including the Medical Science Monitor, the Medical Science Monitor Basic Reserch and the American Journal of Case Reports.

As part of the cooperation, The grey tree agency commited themselves to design a set of identification materials both for use in the form of a job printings or for on-line use.


Before we started any creative work, we conducted an analysis of the environment that our client operates in. The first step was to delve into the available international medical journals dedicated to doctors and scientists in the fields of medicine and biochemistry. In the course of the study, it turned out that the medical and scientific environment has its ‘specific’ preference as one could say regarding both creative terms and UX. We knew that we were facing a real challenge but they are here to complete them.


As the first stage of the work, we adopted the development of the Kapferer’s model (Kapferer’s Model Brand Identity Prism) and the branding of the client’s company brand. Having a solid foundation, we started working on key visual and other elements of identification of ISI, Inc. The result of our work got the approval of the client which let us to design the insides of scientific journals issued by ISI, Inc. As in the case of company identification, magazines have been tested for creation but above all UX.


Conducted analyses and performed activities resulted in the new coherent image of ISI, Inc. The Grey tree agnecy provided customer with brand identity and brand archetypes document. A new cohesive key visual target group including coroporate identity was defined and designed. All creative work has been supplemented with dozens of hours of talks and liters of coffee drunk by both parties, which resulted in cooperation that developed from single order to the constant service.




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